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Jorge Garrido

I currently hold an Assistant position at Telematic Services Department (DIT) at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).

I conduct my research as part of the Real Time Systems and Architecture of Telematic Services (STRAST) group, integrated in the Information Processing and Telecommunications Centre (IPTC).

My major research fields are Real-Time and Cyber-Physical systems, specially those implemented over Multiprocessor platforms. I am also particularly interested in Industry 4.0 related topics.

You can find me at ETSI Telecomunicación in room B-324. Please contact me in advance to arrange a meeting.

teaching duties


2nd year mandatory subject for telecomunications students on software analysis and desing. The course is mainly aimed at developing good software enginering skills on algorithm analysis and design as well as in concurrence good practices. The course ends with an introduction on visual interfaces. Teached along with Android development this last section is my main duty on this subject. Other duties involve practice and problem sessions along the other sections.

TFC's & TFG's

I have supervised a set of final dissertations for both old and new Telecommunication degree programs. Mainly focused on different phases and activities of the UPMSat-2 development, these thesis have all been given A marks and a selection of them proposed for "outstanding merit" mention.

I am always open to supervise new projects on any of my research topics, or others related. Please feel free to contact me on this regard.


I do also collaborate on the 3rd year ALED subject for Biomedicine students, similar to ADSW, where I do help on lab and evaluation activities.

I am also very glad of having a lecture session on Timing Analysis for the students of the Master in Space Systems at ETSI Aeronautica (Aeronautics school), also at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.


Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems

This is my main research field, where I have published different papers on timing analysis and systems design. My PhD thesis "Strict Real-Time Systems Design over Multiprocessor-Based Platforms" covers most of my work up to late 2017, while you can always keep updated by visiting this STRAST publications page. ORCID iD iconAlternatively, you can also check out my ORCID profile for more references.

Work in this area has been partially funded by the Spanish Goverment via different R+D+I projects as HI-PARTES and M2C2.

Model-Based Development

Oriented to Real-Time Systems and High Integrity Systems, I have collaborated in different research projects developing new approaches to Model-Based engineering processes. In particular, two main projects are to be highlighted:

Multi-PARTES: a FP7-funded european research project mixing academic and industrial partners aimed to propose and develop new industrial processes for the development of Multiprocessor High-Integrity systems based on hypervisors with a model-based design and development approach.

Model Based Development Lifecycle: ESA funded project with industrial and academic partners, for the study, design and assesment on the adoption of Model-Based processes in the ESA workflows, at all projects stages, but focusing on the software domain. Part of the proposals have been integrated in the research&evaluation TASTE toolchain.


Avd Complutense, 30
ETSI Telecomunicación
Room B-324
28040 Madrid, Spain

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